• Julie, Family with Kids

    Employees deserve better technology to address relocation needs of family

  • Julie lives in Denver and received a promotion from a retail company in Ann Arbor, MI. Her husband decided to apply to a company based in Detroit, MI. so that both could move at the same time. They have 3 kids and since their current school has such a great rating, she wants to dedicate some research in getting the best school possible in Michigan. Their budget for buying a home is $500,000.


    She wants to live close to work, and kids school, but her husband is willing to commute up to 45 mins. Her mobility manager gave her a relocation package along with SIXWALLZ software. With the product, she was able to do the research and define where she will live next with the required details. This was her process:


  • 1. This is how Julie gets started

    SIXWALLZ autodetects Julie's and her family preferences from current address and neighborhoods where she is currently based.


    2. Recommend Neighborhoods

    SIXWALLZ instantly recommends neighborhoods similar to current neighborhood where Julie resides. Neighborhoods recommended are personalised to company work location to ensure reasonable commute distance in new city.

    3. Add Commute Preferences

    Julie can add multiple addresses to ensure she and her husband can commute to respective work locations in new city by preferred mode of transport.


    Additionally upto 5 addresses can be specified to find a relevant neighborhoods based on places of interests and commute mode (drive, public transit, bike, walk) for each of them.

    4. Buying or Renting?

    Julie can further filter recommended neighborhoods based on their budget, bedroom requirements and preference to rent or buy.

    5. Have Kids?

    Julie can choose update the school preferences she would like to opt for her kids in a new city.

    6. Shortlist Neighborhoods

    Julie can explore recommended neighborhoods, view detail page for each, favorite or compare shortlisted neighborhoods with current lifestyle and accordingly make critical decisions based on insights from data.


    She can as well invite her partner to login and explore the software to get confidence and buy-in for relocating to new neighborhood that is important to her and her family.

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