• Eric, Young Professional

    Millennials are looking for self-serve technology to help themselves in relocation process

  • Eric got a job offer in Boston as a software engineer. His budget for rent is $1500 and he has never owned a car but does own a bike. His challenge was to start within 2 weeks, but he doesn’t know the area, neither does he have a place to live.


    HR gives him the credentials to log into SIXWALLZ and from there, he starts to do the research. The good thing coupled with the relocation platform is personalised data about the company and past employees who relocated to help young professionals make faster decisions.

  • 1. Eric is pleased with HR offering a self-serve app to help relocate

    With little time to relocate & too many things to do, Eric is happy to research and prepare for his relocation day and night!

    Personalised Company Page

    2. Personalised Company Page

    The first thing he notices is company page that includes information about company and neighborhoods surrounding the company work location.


    Brief textual information, images and a map view is perfect to get acquainted with a new work location and surrounding areas.

    3. Best Places to Live

    Eric is super happy with an instant list of neighorhoods around the work location that is preferred by young professionals and his research right there.


    He add a couple of neighborhoods to favorite based on their grades and compares them to learn more about each of them.

    4. Professional Insights

    Eric also explored the insights that the relocation application provided that is based on professionals and coworkers living and working with same or similar companies.


    This provides helpful recommendation of lifestyle and places to explore while relocating to new city considering many do carpool to work.


    It also helps Eric give the necessary confidence by seeing many like him relocated to this new city for job reasons.

    5. Place of Interests

    Eric also checks out various restaurants and parks in shortlisted neighborhood around work locations to get a feel of city.


    He also confirms his commute to work locations by both bike and carpool.

    6. Shortlist Neighborhoods

    Eric compares various neighborhoods on multiple factors besides commute, affordability and lifestyle each has to offer before deciding on a neighborhoods to live. This also helps his prepare for his home finding trips well in advance of relocation.

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