SixWallz Product Features

Our goal is to make relocation as easy as possible for you and your transferees.

Our intuitive neighborhood finding service is built from the ground up to be easy and elegant to use. New hires and transferees can self-serve in our seamless experience, and HR and mobility professionals can rely on our service to spend less time troubleshooting and more time on other priorities.

Product Feature Tour

In SixWallz, transferees can set what their ideal commute time is, as well as their preferred commute mode.

After setting other search criteria important to them, we’ll show them the neighborhoods that offer what they’re looking for, all within their preferred commute times.

If transferees want easy commute access to a location in addition to the office, we can help them with that too. Transferees can enter multiple commute locations to make sure that their new neighborhood is ideal not only for work but for all aspects of their life.

Transferees can easily choose to search for their ideal new neighborhood by looking at school districts first.

Transferees simply select “schools” to search by schools at the top of the SixWallz search panel, and then input their other search criteria. SixWallz will then show them results within school districts first instead of by city or town.

This is especially useful in locations where school districts might overlap multiple municipalities, or where multiple school districts exist in one municipality.

Key Product Features

Employees can define their preferences for their commute to a work location as well as other key locations, and rent or buy with housing budgets and public school ratings in mind.

We provide users with detailed information of neighborhoods and cities, aggregated from hundreds of different data sources, coupled with our own analysis to help transferees understand as much as possible about their new place to live.

Every company and their community is unique. What would you like your employees to know about your company before they relocate, or before they decide on a work location among multiple options that you offer?

What are your employees looking for? A supermarket? A good school in the area? An airport? A nearby park to take their kids to play? A yoga or recreational centre that their spouse wants to try? Public transit options? They can find it all in one place with us.

We offer instant recommendations to help transferees make fast decisions. We take the stress out of the transferral process by offering the data transferees needs, coupled with self-serve technology that is available for them 24/7.

If it's a priority to your business to offer options to contact the vendors directly from our application, we can make that happen. We're also glad to integrate with renowned HR and relocation software as needed.

Let us show you how these features work in SixWallz.

We’re adding new features all the time based on customer feedback. Most of all, we feel our product’s ease of use and great UI really speak for themselves. We think you will too.