• Welcome & Retain Top Talent

    By helping your employees take the right decisions for them and for their family


    SIXWALLZ is a relocation management technology that provides new-hires and transferees a seamless experience so that HR and mobility professionals can rely on our AI-enabled relocation service and focus on other aspects of their day-to-day.

    Employees are in control but never alone with our relocation software

    With an array of online resources, educational content, and unlimited access to the relocation software, your employees are free to plan and manage key decisions regarding their move without feeling lost or alone.

    Save time and gain visibility into your relocation program

    Administering employee relocation is now as easy as a click of a button. SIXWALLZ supports full visibility into relocation program and helps you learn about the choices and requirements of transferees thereby helping you to continuously improve and increase customer satisfaction.

    Connect employees with suppliers of every shape and size

    From buying a home to moving belongings and finding the right schools, SIXWALLZ connects your relocating employees to services and the best-in-class suppliers they need to make their move as seamless and easy as possible. You can setup your custom supplier programs and vetted vendors of your choice as well.

  • Product Features

    We strive to make things as simple as possible to ensure relocation is successful for you and your customers


    Employees can define their preferences for commute to work location, another commute to live nearby parents or specific departmental store, rent or buy with a budget in mind and preferable public school ratings.


    Better than any other software or static content, we provide users with detailed information of neighborhoods and cities aggregated from hundreds of different data sources coupled with our own analysis to help you understand about the new place to live.


    Every employee and their needs while relocating are very different. We take utmost care to help address most if not all the use-cases for young professionals, family with kids, senior executives or even college interns and juniors.

    Employer Branding

    Every company and their community is unique. What would you like your employees to know about your company before they relocate or before they decide on a work location among multiple options that you offer?


    What are your employees looking for? A supermarket? A good school in the area? An airport? A nearby park to take their kids to play? A yoga or recreational centre that his / her spouse would like to not miss in a new city. Or public transit options nearby? They can find it all here!


    We offer instant recommendation that make things easier for folks to make decisions and compare relevant neighborhoods. Let us take the stress out by offering you the data that you are looking for coupled with self-serve technology that is available for you 24/7!

    And Many More...

    Looking for Real Estate vendors? Walkscore or lifestyle information? Offering options to contact the vendors directly from our application? Interested to integrate with renowned HR / relocation software? We will be glad to support them all!

  • Benefits of Implementing SIXWALLZ

    We will provide your employees with a better moving experience. Contact us to learn more about our relocation software and request a demo to get started today.

    • Allocate less time in relocating your personnel
    • Allow all your employees to access an easy-to-use relocating solution
    • Democratise relocation by offering benefits to everyone
    • Decrease relocation expenses by improving transferee decisions
    • Better assimilation means higher productivity & lower failed assignment
    • Provide benefits even before job acceptance

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