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    Complement traditional destination services with our technology based solutions to win more business

  • We know you do an awesome job by helping companies expedite the process and keep costs under control. Therefore, we would like to help you optimise your processes by minimizing the downtime of the relocating employee, your fundamental value-add!

    Let us support every employee’s relocation, including their spouse, partner, or family. We know it requires an important personal decision for the employee in response to business demands, and we are here to support each employee with accurate and up-to-date information.

  • “Since partnering with SixWallz, my company has reduced administrative time spent on relocations by 70%, while simultaneously enhancing the employee experience by spending less time worrying about their relocation.”


    - Kathy L.


    We will provide your client’s employees with a better moving experience. Contact us to learn more about our relocation software and request a free trial to get started today.


    Support your custom guides with personalized information for the company and transferees both.


    Transferees are looking for instant support and recommendation throughout the relocation process


    Complement your existing solutions with technology that can help you win more business cost-effectively

    • Allocate less time in relocating your client’s personnel
    • Decrease relocation expenses by improving transferee decisions
    • Democratise relocation by offering benefits to everyone

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