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Why SixWallz?

Democratizing relocation means doing things differently.

A career move is a big deal.

That’s why everything we do ensures that we give transferees the right answer, the first time.

Our granular and highly-customizable neighborhood finder weighs factors that are important to an employee’s lifestyle as key considerations in our sophisticated, personalized recommendations.

Our data-driven approach gives the transferee high confidence in choosing neighborhoods that are a great match for their next career move.

Just some of the lifestyle factors we weigh in our neighborhood recommendations:
  • Preferred Commute Modes and Times
  • Multiple Key Commuting Locations
  • Housing Affordability
  • Schools Rankings
  • Crime Statistics
  • Nearby Amenities
  • Neighborhood Demographics

When you choose SixWallz for your business, you'll get:

Transferees can move with confidence to their new destination, knowing that their new home in their new neighborhood matches or improves upon the lifestyle they and their family are already used to.

Relocation is a busy time, so we prioritize user experience and ease of use to give transferees the utmost in convenience and control in their search. This means avoiding costly delays and out-of-band additional relocation expenses.

SixWallz users can tailor their neighborhood search to include a multitude of lifestyle factors that truly matter to them. We gather data from trusted sources to make our recommendations, which are specific to the transferee.

Employers can offer our neighborhood discovery service as a unique value-add to all transferees in their organization, not just high seniority employees, ensuring overall employee satisfaction and lower attrition.

A successful relocation to the right neighborhood means transferees start their new job with confidence and minimal stress, as they and their families are happier with their new home, both in terms of lifestyle and commute times.

Once your business has an account set up with us, employer data is securely pre-loaded into the app, so there’s no time-consuming manual input needed. Transferees just log in and they're on their way to answers more quickly than ever.

Try SixWallz free today.

Take our data-driven neighborhood discovery for a test drive.

We’re passionate about making employee relocations delightful for transferees and more cost-effective for employers.

By using SixWallz, relocating employees will find the perfect place to call home at their new destination, the very first time they move.