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SixWallz For Human Resources

SixWallz ensures greater employee satisfaction and retention.

Greater employee satisfaction with just a few clicks.

Poor commutes are one of the top reasons for employee attrition. Unhappy spouses are too. So when an employee is coming aboard or making a transfer, it's vital that their neighborhood and commute are a perfect fit for them and the family they live with. With SixWallz, you can assure employees and their families that they're making the perfect move, and get them into their new role more quickly and effectively than ever.

Better transfers, happier employees, greater retention.

Transferees can customize their neighborhood search to include a multitude of lifestyle factors that truly matter to them. Based on those factors, we gather data from vetted and trusted sources to make our neighborhood recommendations, which are both highly relevant and specific to the transferee. That means your employees can start their new job at high productivity, with confidence and minimal stress, as they and their families are happier with their new home, both in terms of lifestyle and commute times.

Neighborhood discovery using industry-leading data for unbiased results

Personalized lifestyle criteria to ensure a great match

Considerations for family- and child-specific needs, like school rankings

Responsive UI works beautifully on desktop & mobile

Can integrate with existing HR & mobility software

Filter by multiple commute times, locations, and modes

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