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SixWallz For Recruiters

SixWallz improves and accelerates the candidate experience.

Give candidates a preview of their new neighborhood. (No plane ticket required.)

SixWallz helps candidates find neighborhoods in their potentially new job location that improve on their existing lifestyle. For recruiters, this is a unique value-add during the recruitment process. Boost a candidate's confidence in making their next career move with you more quickly than ever by giving them SixWallz.

Gain competitive advantage with SixWallz.

Use every tool in your arsenal to win over your hard-sought candidates who might be unsure about a career move. Instead of simply telling candidates why your office location is a great move for them, with SixWallz you can actually show them.

Neighborhood discovery using industry-leading data sources for accurate & unbiased results

Personalized lifestyle criteria to ensure a great match

Considerations for family- and child-specific needs, like school rankings

Responsive UI works beautifully on desktop & mobile

Can integrate with existing HR & mobility software

Filter by multiple commute times, locations, and modes

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