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What Our Customers Say

Why SixWallz works for them — in their own words

Adding Value

"Providing the highest level of duty of care to all my clients is my top concern. Being able to offer a service such as SixWallz in our client suite has proven to be a beneficial value-add."

Kay N. Director of Client Services, Relocation Management Firm

Peace of Mind

"I was nervous about making such a big cross-country move, especially since I didn't know anything about my new city. My employer offered SixWallz to me [...] it gave me so much peace of mind that I picked the right place to move to, with a commute I was happy with."

Erik P. Transferee user of SixWallz

A Wow Factor for New Hires

"Onboarding velocity is a differentiator for me [...] when a potential new hire can see how exactly what their new commute and new home could be via SixWallz, it helps me get them onboarded that much faster, and it's a "Wow!" factor for them."

Tommy L. Manager, Talent Acquisition

Better And Easier Moves

“Our new hire was indecisive on moving to Seattle, but after using SixWallz, he had the opportunity to find a good school for his family and affordable rent within 15 minutes of his commute! It made the relocation process so much easier."

Jackie H. Mobility Manager