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Our Data

The right data makes a big difference.

Results, not bias.

We use industry-leading, trusted data sources that we continually test and vet for integrity to deliver on our promise of accurate, fast data-driven neighborhood discovery.

When a transferee uses a personal relocation service, there’s a person behind those recommendations, and that means their recommendations come with biases, intentional or not.

We’d rather that the transferee make their own decisions. That’s why we focus on data integrity and make sure our neighborhood discovery service gives transferees information and recommendations that are purely data-driven.

Every transferee deserves a high-touch experience when finding a new place to live for their new job.

Our neighborhood discovery app gives the kind of in-depth research that used to be exclusive to only executive transferees, and instead bring that level of duty of care to all transferees at the fraction of the cost of using a one-to-one relocation service provider.

With SixWallz, every transferee gets high-touch, data-driven, personalized research into the best place for them to live, without a big financial impact to the employer.

Our data makes us different:

The data we aggregate and verify comes from known, trusted sources from official government agencies, including the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Education, as well as industry leaders including Zillow, Redfin's WalkScore, Google Maps, and GreatSchools.

To ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible results for their inquiries, we thoroughly test the data we acquire for accuracy, as well as benchmark our app's results against industry peers.

As much as we love talking about our data acquisition and verification processes (and we really do), the best proof of what we do is in our product.

Try SixWallz and see for yourself how we quickly and accurately help transferees find the best possible neighborhood for their lifestyle needs.