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About SixWallz

We're on a mission to democratize relocation. Here's why.

Our passion comes from personal experience.

Our co-founders Nitesh and Prashant are passionate about improving the relocation process because they’ve been through it.

They’ve experienced the excitement and stress of relocating for work, as well as the professional and personal downsides when things don’t work out quite as planned.

In a previous role, Nitesh was asked to relocate cross-country as part of a company acquisition; however, it ended up being a bad move and a poor experience for him and his family overall. Coming from an in-depth technology background, he knew there had to be a way to transform and improve the relocation experience for transferees with better data and better technology. This idea soon became the basis for SixWallz.

Prashant understands the pains specific to international relocations, as he’s done it himself twice.

Our Core Values

We want everyone to have access to relocation data, no matter where they are in their career, so they can make decisions quickly and easily.

We know users are relying on our recommendations at a stressful time, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We can best give transferees time and control back into their relocation process by keeping our service as convenient and intuitive as possible.

Our Leadership Team


Nitesh Mehotra


Nitesh Mehrotra is the Founder and CEO of SixWallz, which helps transferees make faster and better relocation decisions using personalization and data. SixWallz was born out of personal experience, when Nitesh was asked to relocate with his family to San Jose.

Prior to founding SixWallz, Nitesh worked at Cisco Systems, where he managed mission-critical software products in security, mobile, and cloud.

He has an MBA from Babson College, and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Prashant Sachdev


From device-software to web/cloud/mobile applications, Prashant has experience across varied software products; more recently focusing on B2B SaaS & enterprise products. So far he has worked with technology based start-ups based in US (Bay-area/Boston/NY) and India (Pune/Mumbai).

His long-term goal is to promote entrepreneurship in youth. He also plans to work on primary education for all and working to solve the digital divide problem.

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