Democratizing Relocation Services

We help every employee make their best move.

Our intuitive and data-driven neighborhood finder is the only SaaS service that gives employees fast, personalized answers to the all-important question: “Where should I live?”

Our highly customizable neighborhood discovery service weighs more lifestyle factors than anyone else, giving transferees specific and personalized results quickly and easily.

We find the perfect neighborhood for every transferee's lifestyle preferences and needs.

In the SixWallz app, transferees specify as much detail as they'd like about what matters to them. We use that information to discover the best neighborhood for them at their new location. Transferees can tell us all about their preferences for:

Cost of Housing

Nearby Amenities


SixWallz: A great fit for your organization

Democratizing neighborhood discovery means we work well in many business contexts, including yours.

Relocation Management Services

Enable a greater number of transferees to move more quickly through the transferral process, while also staying in-network.

Mobility Management

Provide more transferees a high-touch, high-value transferral experience without added resource burden.

Corporate Recruiting

Help candidates find neighborhoods that improve on their existing lifestyle as a unique value-add.

Human Resources

Ensure greater employee satisfaction and retention when transferring to a new location.

We ask for zero to bare-minimum employee personally identifiable information (PII), and encrypt all web traffic sent to and from our services.

Your company's location becomes a differentiator when you highlight nearby amenities and appealing neighborhoods near each office location.

Our service works beautifully right on a desktop or laptop web browser, as well as on a phone browser. No separate app download is ever required.


Neighborhood matters.

78% of home buyers say neighborhood quality is more important than home size.

Failed relocations (moving to the wrong neighborhood for employee tastes and lifestyle), and long commute times.


Family lifestyle matters.

71% of enterprises say their relocation offers were rejected by transferees due to family issues, including dissatisfaction with relocation offer.

It's important to get relocations right — the first time.

Our digital destination service uses real and verified data to find neighborhoods based on transferee criteria. We continually optimize our neighborhood discovery service to make sure it gives the best and most accurate results. After all, bad placements means unplanned expenses and huge headaches for transferees and their families, and nobody wants that.

We’re passionate about making employee relocations delightful for transferees and more cost-effective for employers. By using SixWallz, relocating employees will find the perfect place to call home at their new destination, the very first time they move.

Transferee Use Cases

When we say we're bringing neighborhood discovery to everyone, here's just a few examples of who we mean:

Professionals with families

Professionals with a spouse and/or children in tow will appreciate being able to factor in multiple locations to calculate average commute times — to their own office, to their spouse’s office, to daycare. Neighborhood crime statistics, school ratings, and proximity to parks will put a parent’s mind at ease.

International Transferees

An international assignee gains an inside look at their new destination without needing to travel, like having a trusted local friend who knows the area well. They get peace of mind with neighborhood insights that help them match their preferred lifestyle to the right neighborhood, all from the comfort of home.

Young professionals

Transferees earlier in their career can pick what matters most to them. If they prefer to be car-free, they can filter by proximity to public transportation and commute times by public transit, on foot or by bicycle. They can also factor in average rent prices and access to amenities.

Right neighborhood + right commute = happy employee.

A dream home isn’t just what you find within four walls, it’s a perfect neighborhood with an easy commute for every family member.

Picking up and moving to a new, exciting location for work is a big life transition. That’s why it’s worth making sure an employee’s next move is one that keeps them happy with their new home and satisfied at their job.


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