Data-enabled virtual destination service for all employees

  • Our Offerings to HR & Mobility Managers

    We believe HR, mobility managers & hiring managers deserve better technology to address employee relocation needs.

    Coworker Insights

    Neighborhood Match

    Instant neighborhood recommendation to enable faster & better decisions

    • Personalized - Automatically determine candidate lifestyle by current home address
    • Instant Lifestyle Match - Compare with existing lifestyle based on commute, affordability, schools, walkability, and crime
    • Involved Entire Family - Support dual-income families with multi-commute, and profession clusters
    • Move Once - Find optimal housing to avoid multiple moves after job acceptance
    Self Serve Relocation Application

    Product Features

    Personalized data to empower transferees & new-hires

    • Instantly find top neighborhood based on lifestyle
    • Add up to 5 different commutes with rush hour estimates
    • Four modes of transportation - car, public, bike and walk
    • Affordability for renting or buying
    • School Ratings for town, elementary, middle and high schools
    • Unique neighborhood insights
  • Benefits

    Benefits to HR & Mobility Managers

    Key Value Propositions

    • Access - Relocation services for everyone including interns, college hires, self-initiated moves
    • Pre-Decision Support - novel benefit for recruits
    • Affordable - Bring down overall relocation cost
    • Inclusive - Involve entire family in decision making
    • Convenient - Reduce number of moves

    What is unique about our offerings?

    Our unique differentiators

    • Provide relocation services to all employees by leveraging data and technology
    • Incorporate lifestyle match in decision making for job applicants and relocating employees
    • Meet needs for everyone within transferees family
    • Use professional insights and AI / ML models to provide better and reliable recommendations
  • Use Case

    Watch the video to learn about the self-serve relocation use-case that provides data-driven insights to job applicants / transferees on where would I live and how it is better compared to current lifestyle.

    SixWallz Insights used to find which neighborhood to live based on recommendation from coworkers

    SixWallz - Neighborhood Match

    Learn how employees / transferees use SixWallz - Neighborhood Match to find a place to live while moving to a company based in Boston.

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  • We're hiring!

    We always strive for the best.

    Data Scientist - Mobility Research Analyst

    • 3+ years of experience working as data analyst or junior data scientist
    • Fairly proficient with python or R programming
    • Significant experience working with big-data preferably enterprise or real-estate data
    • Expertise developing machine learning models that leverages classification & clustering algorithms. 

    Engineering - Senior Frontend Engineer

    • 3+ years of experience working on frontend technologies with a minimum of 1+ year on map based applications
    • Fairly proficient with native JavaScript, HTML5, CSS/3
    • Significant experience with JS frameworks including Leaflet JS, React JS, Angular JS, etc
    • Expertise developing front-end application that leverages GIS software like ESRI and Google Maps will be preferred.

    Quality Analyst - Research Analyst

    • 3+ years of experience working as data analyst or content writer
    • Ability to research and explore various websites and third-party products to gather insights
    • Have fair understanding of US geographies and cities
    • Significant experience working with content or data within an enterprise 
    • Ability to develop and lead team of interns and freshers
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